Where to see COVID vaccine adverse events.

  • Pfizer’s Emergency Use Authorization requires them to report all adverse events to VAERS.

Adverse events are sometimes reported to other systems, though it’s hard to find reports on any of these sites.

VAERS is underused because it is a difficult system to navigate and requires information that medical professionals would be familiar with, but not the average person. 

See this video about a nurse practitioner’s experience with VAERS:  “THESE PATIENTS DESERVE TO BE HEARD” -VAERS WHISTLEBLOWER

VAERS reports are handled very seriously.

“Once submitted, a case number is assigned and the report goes to a private contract agency overseen by both the CDC and FDA. Each report is coded by trained staff using the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities. One aspect of coding includes determination of the event as “serious” or “non-serious.” Serious events include those which caused a life-threatening health situation, hospitalization, lasting disability, or death.

If the report is deemed serious, the agency will seek related health records, such as lab reports, hospital discharge summaries, and death certificates and autopsy reports, if applicable. If the patient has not recovered at the time the report is submitted, and follow-up information is not provided at a later date, a letter requesting more information will be sent one year after the original submission.”