We’ve all been distracted by COVID while other big things have been going on.

The government plans to scan all of our messages.

The government plans to watch what we buy.

The cell companies rolled out 5G all over the world.

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Do you really believe, as many do, that so much money has been invested in 5G just to give you faster download speeds?

While we were wearing masks, the government was testing new facial recognition algorithms on us.

A contact tracing bill was introduced.

A “coin shortage” happened, pushing us closer towards digital currency.

Digital currency would make it easier for big banks and big government to control us. It could also be linked to a vaccine passport like a CommonPass. If they like what we’re doing, they add more currency to our account. If they don’t, they take it away or cut off the ability to spend. Since two banking institutions, BlackRock and Vanguard, own nearly every company in the world, this is not a far-fetched reality.

Starlink added thousands of satellites around the world.

Big weather was happening, like snow in Texas and an ice storm in Oregon.

People were without power for days, or for weeks, in some instances. They were totally unprepared, because this kind of extreme weather had never happened before. Some people have mentioned the idea of “Weather Manipulation.” Is it real?

Riots were happening. Division was increasing.

There is speculation that the riots were funded and encouraged by leaders who benefit from a divided nation.