We should stop complying with mandates.

Watch Non-Compliant to learn about your rights if you are an American Citizen.

This is still America. Every single person who chooses to comply with this because they feel like they “have to” is complying to coercion and is therefore creating an America that I personally do NOT want to leave to my children and grandchildren. This is still America. STAND UP AND FIGHT. If you comply with a vaccine that you do not believe in simply to save your job, you are making it harder for others to fight. If we STAND TOGETHER, we have a chance. You go get that vaccine, and you leave brothers and sisters alone to fight.

If you are only getting this to save your job and the level of living that you are comfortable with, I urge you, please STAND UP and SAY NO. Please. They want to make you feel like you are the minority and they want to shame you for talking about your rights and your freedom. Stop listening to them and be bold. Stay strong, friends. Stand up for your children and grandchildren and great-grand children. What is more important to you–your earthly comfort today, or freedom for your future family members? Please stand up, say no, do not comply with this coercion. Please stand with the brave ones who care immensely about keeping this a free country.

There are other options to taking the v just to comply and keep your job. Moving is one option. Fighting is another. 

“The governor [of Oregon] is going to be making another announcement today.  In light of what I expect her to say, here is something to think about. Where will you draw the line? What are you willing to give up or lose in the name of “safety” and “kindness”? 

  • For some it was censorship- losing their first amendment right.  
  • For some it was the first lockdown and mandatory masks.
  • For some it was the 2nd lockdown, for others it will be the 3rd. 
  • For some it will be mandatory vaccines.
  • For some it will be booster number 3, or 5, or 8.
  • For some it will be vaccine passports.
  • For others it will be social credit scores.
  • For still others it will be euthanizing the elderly, who are a burden to society when they overwhelm the hospitals, and deplete our medical supplies and resources. 
  • And for others it will be sterilizing the kids because of climate change and overpopulation.

What is your threshold? Do you have a threshold, or are you willing to do anything the government asks of you if it is for the greater good of society?” -Anonymous

Picture with me this scenario:

It’s 2026. All of the experts have determined and effectively convinced most people that *population* is the driver of viruses and all other world issues.

The government decides to mandate—through private companies—IUD’s for all females ages 10 through 50. There are plenty of studies showing risk with IUD’s (increased copper uptake, IUD’s ending up in the wrong organs), etc. Not to mention the very purpose of an IUD: to prevent pregnancy. The predominant message is that IUD’s are safe and effective for all, though. Any woman who refuses does not care about fellow humans and is anti-science.

In order to have a child, women must get an exemption from the government. Because, each and every child potentially puts the world at risk, of course, because every child carries diseases and every child pollutes the planet.

Women who want multiple children, or are worried about the safety of IUD’s are not allowed to work their jobs, go in stores, or work out at the gym. They are shamed in public spaces, laughed at, told that they are dirty, rats, worthless, and the reason for all the problems in the world. People tell them repeatedly “I hope you die. You deserve it.”

Because, the science is “settled” and IUD’s are the thing to do—the thing we *must* all do to save the planet. That message is so clear in most people’s heads. Why can’t the anti-IUD people understand that?

We are headed to this exact kind of world. The mindset right now is already aligned with this. If you don’t want to live in a world like this, STAND UP TO MANDATES NOW, before it is too late.

An inspiring video: Jim Caviezel “The Storm is Upon Us” – The Sound of Freedom (Juan O Savin “Historic Speech by Jim”)