Vaccine mandates have no place in a free country.

All of you who are FOR medical mandates,

  • Can you show undeniable proof that:
  • Injecting these shots will not cause any health issues over the next two years, five years, ten years, fifteen years?
  • The pandemic hype will be completely over when 100% of the population gets their shots and we won’t hear of Covid ever again?
  • That life will be completely back to normal, just like it was before all of this?

Show your proof.

I hope you all see that mandates (especially from the White House) are really, really bad for our country. And, I would argue–we are no longer a free country with them. This last year, as some complained about the loss of freedom, others (mostly of the democrat persuasion) would say that these “freedoms” were no big deal and not “rights.” Okay–so in the last year, we’ve lost the freedom to choose when to open our businesses, go to work, leave our homes or not, gather with our family members, see our elderly loved ones, gather within our church walls, wear worthless cloth on our faces, make our children wear worthless cloth on their faces at school, and now we’ve also lost the freedom to decide what is injected in our bodies….How many freedoms will we need to lose for *everyone* to see what is wrong here? Goodbye America…It’s not just on it’s way out the door–it’s gone, folks–and many–so many–just let it happen.

Sadly, many of us saw these very Un-American mandates coming. There were posts like this one in August 2020, and people were telling us not to worry: Defeat COVID-19 by requiring vaccination for all. It’s not un-American, it’s patriotic.

When the leader of the most free country on the planet talks like this, we should all be very concerned:

He vowed to uphold the Constitution.

Article: Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is Blatantly Unconstitutional There’s a reason no president in American history has ever issued a national vaccine mandate like Biden’s: It’s flatly unconstitutional.

If you’re FOR v mandates and believe that it doesn’t infringe on my freedom and that it’s my social responsibility to get this v, here’s what I have to say to you:

It is your social responsibility to create a healthy immune system in order to stop the spread of all future diseases, so from now on,  you must:

  • Stop drinking alcohol 100%.
  • Stop eating sugar and all refined starches.
  • Stop eating fast food.
  • Stop drinking soda.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Stop taking proton pump inhibitors/acid reflux meds.
  • Start eating fermented sauerkraut daily.

Yes, SCIENCE stands behind every one of these points. If you want a healthy microbiome (that doesn’t catch disease and spread disease to others), you’ve got to obey all of these rules.

Now, friends who enjoy a daily coke or who occasionally eat McDonalds or Taco Bell or who have a sugar-filled coffee every day, if the government were to mandate all of the above to you, *would they be infringing on your rights*???

Because science actually DOES show that doing the above things will build up a healthy microbiome that will protect you from diseases. So, maybe the government should mandate these?

To use the same language I am hearing about the unvaccinated:

Otherwise, when you have a heart attack, you’re just proving how selfish you are, by taking up a hospital bed.

When your liver fails and you need a transplant, why should anyone want to help you? You chose the alcohol and the junk food–that was selfish of you, it’s your own fault.

I could keep going, but I actually don’t like sounding mean. (Because I don’t actually believe that any of you are selfish for choosing to live your life the way that you choose to live it. You are free, and I am free–let’s make our best choices, with all the knowledge we have, and maintain our freedom).

The science listed above has been around longer than the vaccines and has been proven in more studies than the vaccines.

I share these points only to say: there is no place for medical mandates in a free society. Period.