There have been tens of thousands of deaths from the shots.

If you read any of the news articles about a death shortly after COVID vaccination, almost certainly you will see the phrase “chief medical examiner” determined that the death (of clotting, heart attack, etc. in perfectly healthy college students or 20-30 year olds) had nothing to do with the shot. This declaration usually comes out within days of the death (not enough time for an official autopsy with lab work to determine if the vaccine played any part in the patient’s demise). Multiple doctors and pathologists have been asking “Where are the autopsy reports?” This is a really important question.

The CDC, FDA, and NIH aren’t disclosing how many people have been killed or disabled from the COVID vaccines. The mainstream media isn’t asking any questions; they are playing along. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others are all censoring content that goes against the “perfectly safe” narrative so nobody is the wiser.

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See the most recent death toll here: Open Vaers Deaths and the alarming mortality graphs here.

VAERS is limited and does not catch all of the data. Harvard reported that VAERS only captures about 1% of vaccine injuries and deaths.

These doctors say that there have actually been millions of deaths from the COVID shots: VACCINE DEATH REPORT

  • Do you know when this was published? “First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2
    • June. So, all the (tens of thousands of) deaths between Dec and June went unstudied. We cannot state that those people *didn’t* die because of the v, because nobody was even looking at the connection.
    • And, here are some statements from the above mentioned study:
    • “However, recent reports of an increased risk of blood clots, particularly of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in the case of the Oxford-AstraZeneca v (Mahase 2021),
    • *****raised a matter of debate on the safety of COVID-19 v in general*****.”
    • And:
    • “*****Comprehensive analysis of autopsy data must be performed to provide more detailed insights into lethal adverse effects and any deaths associated with vaccination.*****”
    • And:
    • “In summary, the results of our autopsy case study in a patient with mRNA vaccine confirm the view that by first dose of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 immunogenicity can already be induced,
    • *****while sterile immunity is not adequately developed.*****”
    • (This is what so many doctors have been saying–the v’s do not create sterile immunity, but natural infection *does.* Without sterile immunity, it’s like your immune system is helping C get in and be stronger. It’s a big, big issue!!)

Let’s look at how the CDC handles the classifying of COVID-19 deaths vs. COVID-19 vaccine deaths:

“COVID-19–associated deaths were defined as deaths occurring ≤60 days after the date of a first laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection or deaths with COVID-19 listed as a cause of or contributing condition to death.”


So if you have COVID-19 and then die for any reason within 60 days, the CDC counts that as a COVID-19 death. In contrast, they do not even count deaths 2 days after the vaccine as a vaccine-related death.

See No More Silence for so many stories of adverse events and deaths

This Telegraph article makes it seem like all deaths of vaccinated patients with COVID were people who are old, ill, and were going to die anyways: Vaccinated people dying of Covid have average age of 85 and five underlying illnesses. It’s really the same argument many used about COVID-19: that the majority of deaths were in people over the average age of death anyways, and that most of them had comorbidities. When people said that, they were called heartless, and grandma killers, like they wanted all of the old people to die. No, it’s just reality–viruses come along and they do kill people, every year, and the oldest and sickest are the most vulnerable. Do we shut down society every year for them? No. The difference here is that most of those people over 85 didn’t have a say of whether they were injected with an investigational vaccine. They were truly the first to be experimented on, as none of the vaccine trials included people in their age group. We are learning, for the first time, what these shots do to the elderly–and it doesn’t look good. Are we going to justify it by saying “well, they would have died anyways because they were old and ill”?

As of October 2020, this was the FDA’s working list of possible adverse events. The people getting the shots did not get this information (informed consent).

You can see all of the slides here.

In March, our CDC/FDA announced that NONE of the 1600 deaths at that time were because of the vaccine. Dr. McCullough said he’s been on safety advisory committees before. They needed a team of 2 outside experts to evaluate every single one of these deaths, with death certificates and autopsy information. If they disagreed, they would have needed a third expert evaluator. These couldn’t have been people within the CDC or FDA because both are sponsored by the vaccine program and their paychecks depend on it working.

Dr. McCullough said this was the turning point for him–having chaired these committees before, he KNEW they couldn’t have thoroughly investigated all of the deaths in that amount of time. He knew they were lying.