The virus and the vaccines are being used to divide and discriminate against people.

Scenario one: Mom goes into labor early. Dad is not vaccinated. She drives herself to the hospital and checks herself in. Dad spends his time driving around trying to find a place to get a covid test so that he can join her in the hospital. He cant find somewhere open for 2 weeks and can’t afford to pay for it anyway. Mom gives birth alone.

What socio-economic level do you think this is going to affect the most?


This is evil:

It is truly becoming a red/blue issue:

And it has become a Christian/secular issue:

And it has also become a racial issue:

And it has become a gender issue:

In America, we have fought hard for these things: freedom to practice religion, equality among races and equality among genders. Now, Christians, black people and women are being denied the chance to earn an honest living, enter a movie theater and seek medical care. What have we come to?


This kind of division between vaccinated and unvaccinated people makes zero sense if you read the actual science and know that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are equally able to catch and spread the virus.

If all of America gets vaccinated, as President Biden hopes, how will we know which long-term cancers, demyelinating diseases and autoimmune diseases come from these shots? We won’t. And then doctors and government officials will claim that they are “perfectly safe,” only because they didn’t look for any signs of danger.