The strain of COVID-19 that the vaccines were created for is no longer in circulation.

You can see a pretty image of the changes in the virus here: Genomic epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 with global subsampling

And here is more information: The six strains of SARS-CoV-2

I was speaking with a friend who has been treating COVID patients. She gave a good analogy. Imagine the virus was shaped like a square puzzle piece. The v’s were created to fit that square. Then the virus mutated. It’s like you stretched out 1 corner of that perfect square now. So the puzzle no longer lines up.

So, telling people they have to get the perfect square v in order to keep their jobĀ  makes ZERO sense. In a risk-benefit analysis, it’s all risk now, no benefit.

Telling the immune compromised (who were at first told not to get it, who everyone else was supposed to get it for them, and who it was *never tested on*) to get a third dose of the square v will be pointless. More toxin, zero benefit.

Scientists, virologists, doctors should know this. Many have blindly followed protocol for 18 months. Some are only out to make $$$. (Plus a lot more $$$). If they don’t use all those doses they made, they don’t make the $$$. So, they’ll inject the square v, knowing it won’t help people in a world that no longer has perfect squares floating around, make their $$$ and pretend their policy is for the good of society and the health of the nation.

Biden and his puppiteers are tyrants, pushing these mandates down on private businesses and teacher’s unions. When will everyone stand up?

Vaccinated and unvaccinated, please, let’s unite and realize

1. The vaccine no longer has benefit in this mutating world and

2. Its now 100% risk, no benefit and

3. The president has zero constitutional right to do what he’s doing and

4. Companies shouldn’t be putting employees under duress to get the vaccine, and

5. Getting the vaccine is no longer about public health, because a square puzzle piece doesn’t fit anymore

Stop the mandates! PLEASE stand with us.