The media is scripted, owned by few companies, funded by Big Pharma, and riddled with conflicts of interest.

“Do reporters know that so much medical news is actually unpaid advertising? The most effective industry influence is so well-hidden that many reporters and producers are totally unaware of it. The role of pharmaceutical companies and other health care industry interests in shaping news coverage of medical products and treatment is as invisible as it is pervasive.”


Journalist Alicia Mundy published a book about unethical journalism, directed by the pharmaceutical industry. Her colleagues were unwilling to share information about these practices and her book, Dispensing with the Truth. She said:

“As a journalist, I had a great network of friends and colleagues that could have helped me to bring attention to these scandals,” Mundy told Extra!, “but most of the media did not cover the story of how drug companies shape media coverage of their products.”


That was in 2002, this corruption has been going on a long time, as both the media and the drug company’s pockets grew deeper. By 2016, pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer were paying out 5.2 billion in drug ads each year. Source

Pfizer doesn’t appear to be the philanthropic organization that the media would portray them as, either. They are out to make money, and their marketing department is in full gear.

When asked “Does Pfizer have to think differently now about how it advertises, how it markets?” the CEO of Pfizer said:

“Clearly, the answer is yes. We are doing experiments right now with our sales reps, the same way that we are doing experiments with COVID vaccines. We have a placebo group and another group. Some reps are implementing new digital approaches, and then others are implementing the traditional approaches, 100 on each side.”


Please consider that every pro-Pfizer article you see, every TV star doctor telling you it’s safe–they’re paid for. These are ads. This is propaganda to sell a product, and they’ve tested which method of advertising is going to convince you the most.

The bottom line is that we cannot trust the media to present fair and honest reports about pharmaceutical companies.

“According to a 2009 study by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, with the exception of CBS every major media outlet in the United States shares at least one board member with at least one drug company. Let me put it in perspective for you, these board members wake up, they go to a meeting at Merck or Pfizer, and then they have their driver take them over to a meeting with NBC to decide what kind of programming that network is going to air. For those board members who aren’t pulling double duty with a media conglomerate and a big drug company, they still understand that they can’t be honest and objective about big pharma because big pharma pays their bills.

Drug companies spend about $5 billion a year on advertising with these corporate media outlets, so when Pfizer or Merck or Eli Lilly, or any of the drug companies, kill or cripple Americans with defective drugs, do you really think these board members are going to allow their story to be told on the air? It can take anywhere from three days to a full week before the media reports on a drug or a medical device recall, if they report at all.”


I am VERY concerned about the amount of censorship and the amount of over-confident statements from the media. The censorship and the same-message-everywhere campaign makes the whole thing seem nefarious, honestly. I look for details, I research. When the media, or even the CDC, says confidently “It won’t cause ___,” I look for studies. When I don’t see any, yet they seem SO confident, I get pretty darn concerned. It looks like people are lying and making exaggerated claims….Why?


Mainstream media is scripted! They’re told what to say, and even if it’s not true, they say it. Google this: “90% unvaccinated” and “233 new cases of Covid” and see the current narrative they’re pushing all over…

This is propaganda, too: