The media is propaganda.

“Most Americans associate propaganda with totalitarian regimes, but in fact all governments do it to some degree. In the simplest terms, propaganda is the government’s use of public funds to conform citizens’ views to its own. The reason the term has a negative connotation is that all too often, such campaigns veer toward tendentious facts, falsehoods and emotional appeals, as well as the suppression of inconvenient information. Propaganda erodes the public’s ability to make an independent judgment, which makes it especially perilous to democracy.”

Source: Politico: Call It What It Is: Propaganda

When asked “Does Pfizer have to think differently now about how it advertises, how it markets?” the CEO of Pfizer said:

“Clearly, the answer is yes. We are doing experiments right now with our sales reps, the same way that we are doing experiments with COVID vaccines. We have a placebo group and another group. Some reps are implementing new digital approaches, and then others are implementing the traditional approaches, 100 on each side.”


Please pay attention, which side is:

  • paying for ad space online, in your town, on commercials?
  • bribing people to follow their ways, with donuts, money, etc.?
  • censoring any message that is different?
  • making sure that every site you go to has the same “important information”?
  • setting up internet searches so they all find the same info?
  • telling you not to question their science, because it’s settled?
  • discouraging you from looking at any ill-effects of their way of doing things?
  • knocking down those who disagree, with name-calling and generalizations that those who think differently are stupid?

I’m seeing people use the phrase “anti-vax propaganda,” but I think we really have to look at what propaganda is. What’s the REAL propaganda here?

I am fine with you having a different view about the vaccine from me. You can take it if you choose. You can try to convince your relatives to take it, too. I don’t mind if you share the evidence of your way of thinking on social media. It does not offend me that you think differently from me.

BUT it seems like my way of thinking, thinking differently, questioning the propaganda and the groupthink, offends a lot of people. Many have fallen into believing the lie that “censorship = safety.” No, censorship equals a loss of freedom, a loss of individuality, and censorship is one of the main ways people with bad intentions gain control over a group. Please look through any undesirable and embarrassing history–censorship usually played a role.

Just watch how so-called “anti-vaxxers,” those who question the way the group has been told to think (via propaganda), when they simply ask a *question* on a public forum. People pounce on those who think differently or ask questions that go against the narrative. Its SCARY, guys!!! In the last year, we’ve become a society where different ways of thinking are considered “conspiracies” and “misinformation” and “dangerous.” Say that sentence out loud and really think about it. Do you believe those who think differently from you and share their thoughts are *dangerous*?

If so, we’ve become a dystopian society like the one in Fahrenheit 451. Take away people’s ability to think and question and speak, and you take away their freedom. You take away their humanity.

This is propaganda, selling a product to the masses, with government dollars: