The media is preparing us to “normalize” COVID vaccine injury in children.

When I was in college, I spent an entire term writing a paper about how stay-at-home moms going to work during World War II changed families. Divorce rates went up, crime increased as their children got older, and mental health became a hot topic. One thing that I noticed, as I scanned through women’s magazines on a microfiche system, was the messaging. Magazines suddenly switched from homemaking topics and casserole recipes to explanations about how children would fare better if they went to daycare. The shift was drastic. There was a clear message that somebody wanted these moms to hear: 1. Put your kids in daycare 2. Go to work 3. Forget about your guilt. Those mamas were lied to.

The justification for daycare, for sending tiny children away from the care of their family unit, has changed our culture entirely. It has been normalized so much that a stay-at-home mom is “rare” and even “odd” in our society.

I share all of this, because, since college, I have learned to watch for messaging that will shift society in undesirable ways. As the FDA gave Emergency Use Authorization for Pfizer’s vaccine for five to eleven year olds, the messaging has increased. They know that kids are going to be at risk of adverse reactions, and so they are priming us with messages to believe that the reactions are normal.

Here are som examples:

Please also note the blood clot medication that was approved for children recently:

And, though not specifically about kids, these articles justify conditions that were once “rare” among young adults, as being “normal” and “common.”