The media has been fear-mongering since the beginning of the virus.

The messages have been so scary that most Americans have false beliefs about their risk of hospitalization and death from COVID.

The survival rate of this virus has remained around 99.98%, but most people who watch the news cannot grasp this fact.

The media has been fear-mongering.

“But when it comes to advice for the country, there’s been an approach of giving no hope, no window for treatment, no advice on treatment, nothing. It’s almost as if there’s a promotion of as much suffering, despair, anxiety, hospitalization, and death as possible in preparation for mass vaccination.” 

Dr. Peter McCullough Source

“Them: The virus is going to kill everyone! Stay home!

Also Them: Wear a mask or you’ll kill the grandmas!

Also Them: Get the shot or you hate your neighbor!

Also Them: Inject your kids or they’ll die too! 

Me: Cases were inflated, testing isn’t accurate, and there are meds to prevent death. Move on with your life. 

Them: You’re fear mongering!!”

The cases and deaths have been massively inflated and numbers have been twisted by the media, as if they were a used car salesman trying to make a deal before end of day.