The booster shots are still in clinical trials.

The boosters were tested on 101 people, with results recorded from 99 of them, with no controls (no placebo group) and only showed a 44% chance of increased antibodies. (44% chance of increasing antibodies to an obsolete strain). With no placebo group, they were *not* tested for safety. But EUA was granted, based off of this information….

This is in the EUA for Pfizer:

“single arm study conducted in 101 individuals who had undergone various solid organ transplant procedures (heart, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas) a median of 97±8 months earlier. A third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine was administered to 99 of these individuals approximately 2 months after they had received a second dose. Levels of total SARS-CoV-2 binding antibodies meeting the pre-specified criteria for success occurred four weeks after the third dose in 26/59 (44.0%) of those who were initially considered to be seronegative and received a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine; 67/99 (68%) of the entire group receiving a third vaccination were subsequently considered to have levels of antibodies indicative of a significant response”


They say 68% had a significant response, but only 44% ended up with what the trial was aiming for. And they weren’t compared to a placebo group at all. A second study was referenced with placebos, but it was done with Moderna (a completely different product) and only on 120 patients. That’s the one that showed only a 30% difference between the vaxxed and the placebo group regarding antibodies.

AstraZeneca is less effective with a booster shot.

AstraZeneca trials with 2 doses showed it was less effective than 1 dose. So they switched it down to 1 dose. AstraZeneca plans new vaccine trial as efficacy questioned

SO…We’ve only tested a third dose of Pfizer on 99 people, no control group, and Moderna on 60 people plus a 60 person control group. That’s it. Like Rochelle Walensky said, we don’t have data, but we have “hope” that it will actually increase antibodies. (Show me the science, Rochelle!) But what if, when tested on, say, more than 99 people, we see a decrease in effectiveness, like they saw with AstraZeneca?

Did you hear? Joe Biden said that he’s going to let the scientists determine exactly which type of booster to give, when to give it and who to give it to. (In fact, these studies have only just begun and go through 2025!) Then he said “We’ve done our part,” and that he already purchased all of the boosters that we need. WHAT!? He bought them but the scientists haven’t even determined the formula yet?

Any 3rd injection at this point is 100% risk, unstudied, experimental. Well, they’re ALL experimental. I’ve been reading through trial after trial after trial and the phrase “experimental v” is in the majority, even the recent ones. It’s all experimental…