Pfizer is not a good company!

What if one or more of these vaccine companies was so wealthy and had all the right connections and they were able to strong-arm our country’s systems that were put in place to keep us safe from potentially dangerous products? Just imagine with me that a company could become so powerful and that they could infiltrate our government systems and make it appear as though all is well, though it’s really all a marketing campaign. Please watch the news with this possible (very possible) scenario in mind.

The Pfizer Director, Jim Smith, is also the Chairman of Reuters. This is a major conflict of interest. He is also a contributing author for the World Economic Forum. Here is his bio on Wikipedia and his profile on Bloomberg.

Pfizer’s FAQ: Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

The Pfizer Comirnaty FDA Insert

This information was censored from social media with the “COVID vaccines are safe” message. Safe, based on what studies? Because the trials did not look at safety.