Oregon Leads the Way in Every Category!

Hypothesis: More vaccinations = more cases and more deaths. Let’s see if that’s true, according to CDC maps that I found here on November 6, 2021.


Oregon, specifically, has administered at least one dose of vaccine to a higher percentage of residents 12 and up than any other state. Go Oregon! (Sarcasm)


Note that the Portland area also has the most cases.

Level of Community Transmission

And the most community transmission happening…


Oregon has quite a few hospitalizations, too, with California as a strong competitor.


And finally, deaths.

I hope that community officials in all other areas see this trend, that more vaccines = more COVID in their community.

Sadly, I predict things will get worse. Look at this recent headline: Smiles and shots at Oaks Park: 5- to 11-year-old Oregon kids receive first COVID vaccine doses

This is evil.

And this headline: Oregon COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases Climb, Total Death Pass 4,500

“Breakthrough” makes it sounds so minor, so rare. It’s really just a manipulation of language to make people feel better about the shots they got that aren’t doing what they were advertised to do.

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