Money was not spent on treatments, it was all focused on vaccines.

“There is a lot of political and financial incentives in this country to make this medication [hydroxychloroquine] unattractive. This is medication costs 23 cents a pill and the president of the United States [President Trump] supports it. So this has been a very orchestrated well organized effort to make this medication seem extremely dangerous, that it’s killing people.”

Dr. Zelenko, Source

“And I can tell you, if you look across the array of White House Task Force members we’ve had, regular media doctors that we’ve had, NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, we haven’t had a single doctor who has considerable experience in treating outpatient COVID-19, not a one. And Senator Johnson kind of basically exposed this in the November 19th hearing where we had a minority witness, and that minority witness, who’s a media doctor, he’s on TV all the time, he spent about two hours in his rebuttal of our approach. And his rebuttal was largely, “You don’t have enough evidence, and what you’re proposing is not good enough for me.” That was kind of his argument. And it’s an argument we’ll never win, because the idea is we don’t have the resources. I don’t have $45 billion. We’re trying to piece together our approach using the most modest means, and all the resources are for vaccines. And this doctor who’s a big vaccine proponent went on and kept advising no treatment for America, no treatment, no treatment. It was two hours.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, Source

The Problem:

Nearly all funded clinical trials today are focused on slow or ineffective solutions