Many doctors did not offer any early treatment to COVID patients or got in trouble if they did.

“My mother’s 93 years old. And she lives in Massachusetts. And I talked to her doctor, and said, “What is the plan if she gets COVID?” Because my whole family, of course, is terrified that she’s going to get it. And he said, “Well, if she gets it, the chances are that she’ll be okay, but if she starts to have depleted oxygen levels or has trouble breathing, then we’ll bring her to the hospital.” And I said, “So, there’s no intervention to prevent her disease from progressing to that point?” And he said, “No.” And these are some of the best doctors in the world, and this is in August. Aren’t you kind of astonished by that kind of response from the medical community?

I mean, ’cause at that point it was pretty clear that if you went to the hospital with this disease that your chances of coming out, if you’re that age, are very, very low. And it seems astonishing to me that that’s her personal doctor who loves my mother, that that’s the best he would have come up with. And why isn’t this sort of occurring to individual doctors?”

-Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Source

“And what really became incredible is when we had the Emergency Use Authorization approval for antibiotics both the Lily and the Regeneron products. So, this is the high-tech research that everybody wanted to see happen, and high-tech products. These antibodies got out there. No word of them. There were no FAQs, no doctor reminders. When patients got their COVID test, there was no hotline of how you get an antibody infusion. No update on TV. People would go on TV, and they’d give their testimonials about how their loved ones would die. And no one would think, “Wow, could my loved one been treated with an antibody infusion or drugs?” We had Elizabeth Warren on the other night talking about her brother passed away. No mention of, “Could he have been treated?” On the TV Dallas News last night there was a wonderful lady whose husband died, they talked about, but no mention of early treatment. So the public, the media, the doctors, I even say even the whole biotech industry, they just drew a blank on early treatment. Everybody went blank on a fatal medical problem right in front of us. The group think and the blind spot and the collective oblivion is beyond belief.”


“A person we know went to the hospital with Covid this summer. She was not allowed any treatment. She said she was isolated and unable to get vitamins or any alternative treatment for the first few days. Once they raised a ruckus they started giving her 300 mg of Vitamin C. Which is basically nothing.When I was sick with it I was taking 20 times that amount.”

Anonymous, October 11, 2021

“Not advised to take supplements, just get the poke. But you get the big C. Still think the poke will protect you. You have a telehealth appointment, still aren’t prescribed anything even though it’s hard to breathe. If it gets really bad, you have no choice but to go to the big white building. Once there, you still won’t get vitamins like D that doctors IN ALMOST EVERY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE recommend, particularly for those low in D and for women.”

-Anonymous, October 12, 2001

From a friend who had recently had a second heart attack and then was struggling through COVID at home:

This is criminal.