Long-held definitions keep changing.

The definition of “Vaccines” and “Vaccination” changed.

These were the CDC’s definitions:

Vaccine: A product that produces immunity therefore protecting the body from the disease. Vaccines are administered through needle injections, by mouth and by aerosol.

Vaccination: Injection of a killed or weakened infectious organism in order to prevent the disease.


Now, the media, the CDC and even the president spout the idea that vaccines simply make the disease “less severe.” That is a failed vaccine, by definition.

Article: CDC Changed Definition of ‘Vaccine’ Because of COVID-19 Vaccines

Video: Bill Gates said that vaccines would prevent people from getting COVID-19.

The definition of “Immunization” changed.

This was the CDC’s definition:

Immunization: The process by which a person or animal becomes protected against a disease. This term is often used interchangeably with vaccination or inoculation.


Yet, while we know that people are not protected from COVID if they get these shots, the CDC, the media and the president are all still telling people to become”immunized.” These shots do no such thing.

The definition of “Herd Immunity” changed.

This is “Newspeak” George Orwell spoke of in his book 1984.