Herd immunity is real, and no, it’s not only from vaccination.

They blame the Delta variant on the lack of herd immunity, but could it be the vaccines causing this issue? Delta variant ‘has ruined hopes of herd immunity’, experts say

  • Video: Dr. Fauci knew the vaccine wouldn’t provide herd immunity
  • Video: Ask a doctor: How will vaccine work to stop spread of coronavirus? A couple of notes about this video: 1. The doctor says if enough people become “immune” to a virus, we will have herd immunity. We know that the vaccines, in fact, do not create immunity to COVID-19 and that people who get the vaccine can in fact get COVID. 2. The reporter says that the doctor said the vaccines haven’t been studied to see if they stop transmission (this is true, no such study was done), but we do know that the vaccines are the “key” to stopping the spread. How? This is like double-talk, oximoronic talk, Orwellian newspeak–it’s never been tested for the thing, but we know it’s the “key” to the thing?