COVID testimony and timeline

This is our testimony.  This is not intended to give you advice on how to treat Wovid, but rather to share what we did.  My husband and I are both obese.  He was 53 and I was 48 at the time of infection.


My husband got sick Friday morning 

(Day 1 8/13).  His first symptom was FATIGUE.  He was on a hike while camping and couldn’t complete the hike. His next symptoms were MUSCLE & JOINT SORENESS.  By Friday night he had a light COUGH. 

(Day 2) By Saturday afternoon we were pretty sure we had it. 



(Day 3-12) FEVER 102-103.8

                  BOUGHTS OF NEARLY PASSING OUT.  

                  WEAKNESS and FATIGUE daily occurrence.

                  INSOMNIA though very tired

(Day 13 8/25) regaining energy, operating at 50% of normal.

(Days 15) Tim went back to work.

(Day 19 9/10) BLOOD CLOTS; hospitalized until 9/5

For myself, Friday night I started to feel sick

(Day 1-2 8/13) I had a small COUGH.  I felt fine Saturday morning, however by Saturday afternoon I knew I had it.

(Day 3-6) Horrible BODY ACHES & DEEP BONE PAIN.  It was so painful I was moaning and crying. 

                FEVER of 99.8 and continued for about 21 days. 

                 COLD CLAMMY SWEATS

                 SHORTNESS OF BREATH and WEAKNESS.  

                 Still getting good oxygen saturations at 98%

(Day 6 8/18) WEAKNESS  so bad that needed help from bathroom to bed

(Day 8 8/20) Able to do small chores.

                        Body aches, muscles in side very painful

                        Could not stand for long

(Day 9 8/21) STARTED NEBULIZING *see below for directions*

                       INSOMNIA even though so very tired. 

                      LOW GRADE FEVER the whole time.  99.9F.  

(Day 9-continued) DIARRHEA

                                 COUGHING TIL WE CHOKED


(Day 10 8/22) Developed UTI

                       RESPIRATORY ISSUES; panic feeling of not being able to breathe relieved with a RESCUE 


                       VERY DEHYDRATED and passed out.

                       TRIP TO ER; received 2 liters of fluid. 

(Day 11-12 8/23) NO APPETITE


                            SLEEPING a lot of the day

(Day 13 8/25) RESPIRATORY ISSUES.  Respirations were 31 bpm (Normal is 16-20).  

                       OXYGEN SATURATION was in the high 80’s (normal 97-100%) but would jump back up when                                  

                       rotated or coughing.

(Day 18 8/30) MAL DE DEBARQUEMENT SYNDROME developed (vertigo type symptoms)


STEP 1: Establish a relationship with a DOCTOR who will help you get what you need.


STEP 3: Begin this PROTOCOL  immediately

  • NAC 500mg once in the AM & PM
    ASPIRIN 325mg cut in half, ½ AM & ½ PM
  • IVERMECTIN (See below for sourcing and instructions)
  • Vitamin D3 5,000 IU daily
  • Melatonin 10mg before bedtime (causes drowsiness)
  • Mucinex (when coughing) 2 X day every 12 hours
  • Budesonide- One doctor guarantees this will keep you out of the hospital.
  • Quercetin 250mg 2 x daily 
  • Zinc 100mg/day (elemental zinc) 
  • Vitamin C 500–1,000mg 2 x daily

Covid causes microclotting.  It is a blood vessel disease.  Take adult strength Aspirin.

  • **These must ALL be taken daily in order to be effective**:

Pulse oximetry


  • if you are taking a multivitamin that contains vitamin K, you must stop immediately.  Vitamin K increases clotting.  
  • Once you develop respiratory issues, it is very important to not lie on your back.  You want to start something called “Proning”.  A respiratory therapist told us the following for patients in the hospital “the biggest difference on who lives and dies is directly related to how much time is spent prone.”  Here is a link to what it is: Proning Video

How to get medication options: