Coronaviruses are patented (and you can’t patent anything from nature).

  • Only items that have been created by man may be patented. This was solidified in a Supreme Court ruling in the case Mayo v. Prometheus in 2012. (Source, Source)

  • “Q: What Cannot Be Patented? Can I Patent a Living Thing? A: It depends. If your invention is a product of nature, it falls under excluded subject matter. However, if your invention does not occur naturally and can only exist through some work on your part, you may be able to get a patent. For example: 
    • You cannot patent a species of mouse that you find running around your laboratory
    • You can patent a genetically engineered mouse that you designed for use in cancer research
    • You cannot patent a combination of bacteria with beneficial properties if that combination occurs somewhere in nature
    • You can patent a species of bacteria that you genetically alter to solve a common problem if that form does not occur naturally Legal Match