Censorship has been thick.

“Critical voices from doctors, scientists, nurses, and others who have observed or researched what is really going on are all being censored.  Here are just a couple of examples:

So why are the tech giants and cable news censoring all debate and discussion about a subject that affects the entire planet? What are they all so afraid of?

There is only one reason for censorship whether it was in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany or in America in 2021, and that’s the need to hide information from us, the public. So ask yourself, what are they hiding? What are the motives to mislead and censor us?” Source

The Fact Checkers

Remember Monty Python and the Holy Grail, when they’re trying to determine if the lady is a witch by seeing if she weighs the same as a duck?

Envision that scene as you think about the fact checkers who have decided they are going to take away licenses of doctors who spread “misinformation.” (by stating that they actually treated hundreds or thousands of patients and we don’t need a v…or stating that they have concerns about the v, like Dr. Robert Malone who invented the mrna and is speaking out…)

Just imagine the faces in this photo when you think of those fact checkers. They don’t know what a witch looks like, or what a duck is, or for that matter, what a fact is.

Anyone who says that “science is settled” or that there is “plenty of data” to show that the v is “safe and effective” is either lying to make a buck, deceived by the liars or stupid. Science is never settled, and I will repeat again and again, there is NO long term safety data. We cannot state that anything is perfectly safe when we DON’T KNOW.

So, these are the fact checkers, folks…

Maybe you’ve seen images like this:

Doctors all over the world attempted to share what they were learning about the virus, and about successful treatments, either on YouTube or social media platforms. This is how they were treated:

Only the official narrative was allowed, and it has never come from doctors who were actually treating COVID patients, only a single TV star doctor.

I wasn’t able to post a link from Worldmeters.com on Facebook:

This is a description of how Worldometer gets their data:

This is what I was trying to share. Simple facts about how the cases and deaths were being counted:

Data should be able to be shared freely, no matter what.

The fact that our social media company is determining what medications people should take (and not the doctors who are treating patients) is alarming:

Who decides what false information is? Science is always changing, it is never “settled.” The truth is, this is pharmaceutical companies teaching us what is “true” about the product they are trying to sell.

People have been defending Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for deleting accounts and blocking “misinformation,” stating that they are “private companies” and therefore have the right to disregard the First Amendment on their platforms. Look at the hypocrisy of this, though:

So Trump cannot block people on his account, but social media platforms can block people from saying anything the platform disagrees with?