Cases and deaths were blamed on Trump, but they are higher under Biden.

I share this image because I care about being fair and honest in journalism. While Trump was blamed for cases and deaths because of the way “he handled things,” even after the cycle threshold was changed, we have seen more cases and deaths during Biden’s administration.

This is the kind of information we can’t argue with–it’s just numbers.. We can come up with all kinds of reasons. “Well, but….” You can’t blame the numbers during Biden’s administration on Trump though. You can’t. Let’s be fair and honest and real, okay?

And if the cycle thresholds had remained the same on Jan 20, I believe the cases during B’s watch would be 2x as high, friends. They changed the test the day he came into office, which would have made him look better if things had stayed the same. But no–they got worse.

A friend from Oregon mentioned that in summer 2020, everyone was wearing masks indoor and out, events were cancelled, restaurants were closed and gyms were closed. We don’t live in Oregon but in the summer of 2020, we were dining out, attending outdoor plays, visiting presidential homes, going to the beach, going to the movie theater, attending church, and we were never told to wear masks outdoors. We live in a blue state–I am pretty sure almost all states (besides, perhaps, Oregon, Washington, California and New York) were just as open and free as ours–or more.

Also note that Fauci stated that coronaviruses usually circulate in the winter. That was, for the most part, true, until the vaccines were rolled out.