5G Came Out at the Same Time as COVID-19.

Sadly, you’ll be called a conspiracy theorist if you put “5G” and “COVID-19” in the same sentence. This is by design, and it was a message that was spread early on. Don’t put the two together, or you might as well wear a tin hat! The truth is, if you’re a critically thinking person, you will see the connection–5G and COVID were both new at the exact same time. Coincidence? The people who tell you the vaccines are perfectly safe (Without long term data) will also tell you that 5G is void of all consequences to human health. Any serious research into the topic will prove that these deniers are flat wrong. In fact, exposure to high levels of radiation (which 5G is) can lead to many of the same symptoms as COVID.

You may wonder, how can 5G technology make someone infected with a virus? Well, microwave radiation ha been proven to activate viruses. Source

Ookla 5G Map  Look at where 5G was rolled out first and where COVID cases spiked first. 

Let’s look at a 5G Timeline with a COVID Timeline:

There are many more dates and details that could be added to this timeline. It’s not completely cut and dry data, meaning, we can’t say that 100% of the time, 30 days after 5G was installed, people came down with COVID. I believe there are other factors and 5G is one of them. Feel free to research the details yourself and let me know what you find!

High radiation causes hypoxia. So does COVID-19.

  • Study: Radiation-induced hypoxia may perpetuate late normal tissue injury
  • Patients who have gone through radiation treatments for cancer have issues with the COVID vaccines:

    This may be totally unrelated, but it is interesting.